From our home Port in Stare Sady , through a network of canals and small lakes, we will reach Lake Niegocin and further into the isthmus and islands of the Kisajno lake until we finally reach Mamry.
We can stay in Ryn or Stare Sady to eat a tasty dinner or travel in the opposite direction and follow the Bełdany or explore to the vastness of Śniardwy Lake.
Ideally, before sunset, we can stop close to Czarci Ostrów Island, turn off the engines, listen to the sounds of the legendary vampires and witches guarding the devil’s treasure

A cruise to Ryn – a picturesque trail along Tałty Lake.
A Cruise to Gizycko – a walk cruise thru the canals and Niegocin lake to Giżycko could be continue to Kisajno lake which is full of islands and isthmuses.
A Cruise to Śniardwy Lake between the Pajęcza and Czarist Ostrów islands, circumnavigation of Szeroka Ostrów.
Cruise to Ruciane Nida on the beautiful trail of Lake Bełdany.

About us is „OPJ Partners społka z o.o.” founded as a family business that combines our interests and passions. Having grown up in Masuria area, we know each lake well. We have explored every lake, isthmus, island, and channel. We would like to share these with you enjoy and discover the Masuria lakes and the Great Masurian Lakes Route from the decks of our boats. We moor in Stare Sady Port & Chillout

For those with boat skipper licenses you’re all set to choose from our boats. We will of course provide you with our suggestions of what you can explore on your own. For those who like to relax, we offer cruises with one of our qualified skippers and will show you the area based on your interests. We rent boats for hours up to long-term charters, depending on your needs.



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