Why chose us ?

Each of our boats offer a different style and character. From the timeless charm to the sporty and pure power.

Unique premium motorboats

Windy 9000 - ARIELLE– luxury powerboat equipped with two powerful V8 engines. Comfortable and luxury in every type of weather holding up to 10 passengers.

Caminada 515 Sport - ALEXANDRA - beautiful classic powerboat for 5 passengers provides style and sportiness. The 145-horsepower engine is powerful enough to stir new emotions.

Rio 650 Open - ILARIA Sporty powerboat with powerful 180 horsepower engine. This craft will raise your adrenaline level and brings a smile of satisfaction on the face of every skipper.

Each boat has all necessary safety equipment, a bimini roof, insurance and is provided with a full fuel tank.


The Port Stare Sady Port & Chillout.
It is the most beautiful modern port in Masuria and located in the center of the Great Masurian Lakes route. It is a perfect base for you to skipper your own cruises in the area.

Out of the Great Masurian Lakes route

On request, we can provide our boats to another lake located near the Masuria area. Smaller boats can be rented for a few days at a time. Because of size not applicable for Windy.

Ours Boats

For the 2019 season our proposal for our three boats

About us

Boatmaster.pl is „OPJ Partners społka z o.o.” founded as a family business that combines our interests and passions. Having grown up in Masuria area, we know each lake well. We have explored every lake, isthmus, island, and channel. We would like to share these with you enjoy and discover the Masuria lakes and the Great Masurian Lakes Route from the decks of our boats. We moor in Port Stare Sady Port&Chillout and in Mikołajki.

For those with boat skipper licenses you’re all set to choose from our boats. We will of course provide you with our suggestions of what you can explore on your own. For those who like to relax, we offer cruises with one of our qualified skippers and will show you the area based on your interests. We rent boats for hours up to long-term charters, depending on your needs.

Our details: 
OPJ Partners sp. z o.o.
NIP: 742 226 6304
Regon: 383167743

Bank account: Bank Pekao SA O/Kętrzyn 51 1240 5774 1111 0010 9001 6238



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